Thursday, 20 February 2014

Onward To March...

Hi everybody
Think this is a bit unheard of to post, two posts for my blog in the space of two days, but, there is always a first. I must have too much time on my hands, dare not say the words IN FRONT  as when I say that something comes along and puts me behind. Beginning of February I was ill with a cold and cough and only just recovering. Anyway looking up to the bright side and ready for March. It's nice to see a few daffodils and crocus popping there heads above the ground bringing us some lovely colours and making us feel that spring is just around the corner....
Talking of bright colours I caught Charlie on Leanne's new throw this morning and couldn't resist taking a photograph. Funny how animals find something new and cosy to lounge on!!! Charlie is very predictable, we can time him on how quickly he finds something new to curl up and go to sleep on....

                               Luckily for Leanne he didn't make a mess. Looks cute though!!!

Starting from March my classes will be going up to £24.00
Saturday 8th March will be my first class and the theme is Sew Lovely. I have taken it from the Papermania collection that is out at the moment and has a mixed bag of colours, all to do with sewing. Just up my street as most of you will know, anything material looking, stitching stamps, buttons, ribbons and pins etc. I love.

This card not only looks pretty it smells nice too, with an added hidden secret, which you will find out on the class.

Different angles show off the added decorations.

The second card shows off a pinwheel which a few of the ladies made when they came along to the weekend classes. This time I have scored them ready so there is no need to bring along your Hougie board. I can just hear a sigh of relief!

Sat. March 8th - Sew Lovely
Sat. April 5th - To be named soon

Send me an email if you would like to come along to any of the classes.
Thank you for dropping by and hope to see you all soon.
Jennifer x

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