Monday, 26 December 2011

All Things White!

This Christmas we, being Leanne and myself decided that everything decorated would be white. Charlie the cat was a bit hit and miss as he has a lot of white patches but too many other patches so we decided just a bit of white on his collar would suffice the decorating there. The theme was very folk-arty, with wood tree decorations and of course a few red ones too. Every time I went out shopping I would be on the look out for white decorations.
Think Charlie was on the look out too! Possibly in the wrong place though!

He is often  more of a hinder than a help as they say. He's a nosey cat.

We had some lovely white wooden reindeer, white birds on white bells, white baubles and a white star to sit on the top of the christmas tree.

We picked up some large alphabet letters from Hobbycraft that are made of papier mache and painted them white too, they had quite a few coats of Gesso and Leanne made a few white flowers to attach to the "N" for decorations They looked very good when they all stood together to make the word NOEL.

White/red potpourrie was there in the window in white bowl to finish the display, and to smell nice too.
What was so nice was, that because it has been quite mild weather of late, we had a few beautiful white roses out in the garden so it was a shame not to take a picture of one of the unopened ones. Can you believe that in December we would have roses out?! This one is a Princess Diana rose that came out after she had died, and it is still flowering, perhaps not quite at the right time this year though, but still lovely to see, and keeping with our white theme.
Another of our white decorations, besides the Father christmas beard, was an Advent candle which I decided to light while watching tv, then went up to my craft room to make a few cards, as you do, forgetting the candle, only to come downstairs to find it had burned down from 1 to 18, with a nice heap of candle wax on my marbled fireplace. Could have been worse or do I mean disastrous, what's that I can hear myself and everyone else saying, 'never leave a candle burning when not in the room!' Luckily it didn't mark the fireplace. Think I may have had problems with candles in the past, melting onto the carpet, exploding glass ones that also melted the carpet, you would think I would have learnt something by now wouldn't you...

Put a little sneak-peek in of the snowman I made a few years ago at Aunt Jemimas, a great place for sewing, but it's the card in front that I'm showing off, what Leanne made me for christmas, and what you can't see is that it is full of little beads on the leaves on the tree. She made some lovely cards this year.

The very last thing with a white theme I thought I should add is the white socks Charlie wears everyday.

And now for something completely different as Leanne would say, my next card classes are as follows: 
Sat.14th Jan. - VintageTheme  FULL

Sat. 21st Jan.- Vintage Theme

Sat. 11th Feb.- Fairy Theme

Sat. 3rd March- Fresh and Fruity

The samples below are for the Vintage theme and I am making each card a different colour. The first has been stamped using denim blue Adirondack ink pad.

The 2nd card is usind a few different textures with white and milled Lavender distress ink(wanted to write MULLED must be thinking of the wine,not that I drink, and I honestly don't).
Thirdly I have used tattered rose distress ink and a vintage sepia with pinks and mulberry papers. Hope you like them! Got another three to enjoy doing and have got my colours nicely worked out.

All the classes are at St.Cuthberts church, Douglas Hall, Lytham Rd, Fulwood, Preston. and start at 10.30am-3pm  - £23.00 including everything except your lunch.

If you would like to take part in any of the classes just contact me via an email :

I will update the next blog when I have made the samples for the next classes - until then thankyou for all your support through 2011 and hope you all have a peaceful 2012.
Happy New Year all.
Jennifer and Leanne x

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Hello campers :)

Hello campers I'm here again trying my best to blog, still not as straight forward  as I would like it to be,but because I have written a list of what to do nextI am getting better, apart from when I can't read my own writing. Leanne sat next to me again tutting now and then as if to say have you not remembered that bit. Anyway this is another of the Christmas samples belonging to the Christmas class of  19th Nov, repeated 26th Nov, using some of the Molly Bloom stamps, of which this is one of them. I've used traditional colours red and green in both the samples shown (with spotted as the theme), but I'm also using black spotted paper and a penguin stamp.

If anyone is interested I have a class on Sat. Dec. 3rd where I have made a Christmas wallhanging and a Christmas cracker using a diecut cracker. There is plenty of stamping cutting and glueing.

I have always loved making Christmas decorations and try to make something every year that is different for my sisters.As you know my sister Susan is a crafter too and comes along to the classes, so it is sometimes hard to make something for her, using papers etc.that she hasn't seen before.(We are often out and about on our travels, via the craft shops looking for new crafting goodies.) Susan always has an advantage, as at this time of year she goes off to America to see her son and his family, so gets to look at the craft shops over there. My other sister Joanne although not a crafter is an excellent baker.(Some of you will have tasted her cakes when we had the open evenings at the shop).
 So here's hoping that Susan doesn't see the blog and I can make her a wallhanging similar, perhaps using different colours and that Joanne doesn't go on the blog and I can give her the cracker. Hope you like them, let me know via an email if you want to come along and make.

Better close now as Stephens in charge of dinner,not may I add something he does often, and at the moment he has hurt his foot, which seem to stop his hands working, but who am I to complain, he is making an effort. Hope the chicken tastes as good as it smells....

To be continued......

Happy crafting all.
Jennifer x

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Christmas is a-coming, sooner than we think.

 Good afternoon all!
At last I have managed to do a little updating on the blog. I love sorting out the pictures and writing something alongside, but, it's not as easy as I would like it to be. Lovely, patient Leanne (sometimes not so) is trying her best to give me step-by-step instructions, and I am following and writing it down at the same time, so that hopefully I will have no trouble the next time I'm trying to blog.

Just put a couple of pictures of the things we made  previously on the Autumn class, to give people a few ideas if you have to make any Autumn birthday cards. Alternatively, as the scarecrow picture shows, we cut him out and attached him to a wooden stirring stick we acquired from the coffee shops.(Two coffees,three sticks.) Hoping there isn't a shortage now. It's a nice idea to put it into a plantpot and give as a present.
The stamp we used was a Molly Bloom.

Another Autumn card we made using
Magenta stamps and Sissix embossing
folder and gently sanded the Core-dinations card to reveal the birds and flowers.
The first of the two Christmas classes using Craftwork Cards papers etc. is on the Sat 22nd October (FULL) and  Friday 4th November 2011

Here's a sneak preview of the cards coming up on the next Christmas classes.

Craftwork Cards shaped cards have been used on this sample and I have stamped the tree several times, coloured with Pro-markers then layered up the separate pieces.

People often ask me where I get my ideas from, and for this card I saw a similar birthday card with presents on and it gave me the idea of cutting the card away to reveal the presents. It's a great way of using up the scraps of card and papers we seem to accumulate.

 The next Christmas classes using Magnolia
stamps and Molly Bloom stamps are as
Sat. 19th Nov. 2011
Sat. 26th Nov. 2011
of which there are limited spaces, but,
for the ladies that have booked in advance
I have just one sample at the moment, but
will put a couple more on as and when I
have completed them.
Lovely Magnolia stamp, whose girl is sitting clutching a
heart bauble on a background of embossed,
and distressed holly. Oh so cute.
Last but not least, Leanne has been busy making her Christmas cards too.She has been stamping and as you know Leanne's favourite thing is cutting out, so she has been a busy girl cutting out stars and reindeers.
And finally to everybody out there who follow the blog and all the lovely ladies that attend the classes, I wish to thank you all for your kind words and support. Leanne is improving slowly and feels much better herself and is looking forward to the day when she can come along to the classes and help cut out all the small things we challenge you with.
Kind regards to you all and happy crafting.
Jennifer x

Saturday, 6 August 2011

"Oh so cute" and "Sewing and stitching"

First of all I must say 'Hello' to everybody who takes a peak at this page and appologise as it has been such a long time since I last blogged. Blogging doesn't come natural to me as you know, it means using the computer much more than just sending or receiving emails. Again I look to Leanne for help,poor lass isn't feeling at her best today, but hopefully I will press the right buttons and all will be well.

Took me a little while to get back into the swing of actually sitting down(or if I am stamping, standing up) and making cards again for a class, but it never takes long to get back into it as it's a hobby I love.

On the "Oh so cute" class I have made cards that are suitable for baby/children/adults using Molly Bloom, of which I need more (that sounds like a typical crafter) Magnolia and Stamposaurus stamps. If any of you ladies watch Create and Craft on the Tv, they had the very stamps I have used on the baby cards, oh so cute elephants. All the cards have different shades of gingham or spotted papers.

"Oh so cute" Sat. 13th August ---- FULL

I have just added a couple of cards from the sewing and stitching class, this is on Sat. 20th August. Usual time start 10.30am - 3pm.
I have on this class stamped a flower image onto calico to let you all have a go at stamping on material, which is something I like doing. Luckily I have yards of calico if there are any mistakes, ha! ha! Lace is very popular at the moment so I have included that too.

My next date for the card classes will be September 24th and hopefully I should have that titled soon. I have all my classes booked right up to December so will let you know of them soon too.

No doubt I will be onto the Christmas ones before long, I have a lovely Molly Bloom stamp waiting in the wings.

Just a last note, Leanne would like to thank all the people that made her 21st cards and presents and to thank everybody for their best wishes too. As soon as she is able to blog herself (hope that's very soon) she is going to put all her handcrafted cards on.

I look forward to seeing all you crafting ladies soon, take care Jennifer

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Taster of Saturdays Summer cards....and ten days to 21

Now you may not believe this, but this is Jennifer writing and constructing a whole blog post! Yes, I have been instructed as to how this blog lark works still haven't a clue what I am doing and I am sure I won't be able to do it again off the top of my head. Below are a few of the cards we will be making on Saturday though be it a bit late as have been waiting for instructions from the chief blogger. She has also been waiting for me the chief crafter to get myself organised,( think I am in need of a holiday.)
Leanne wants to thank everybody for their good wishes and is enjoying the cards that are slowly coming in for her big birthday event. It's great when we get cards from other crafters and to see all their ideas of which we can pinch and swop as us crafters love to do.

Saturdays class is the last of the month (don't know where the time goes) and July I am having a break to get organised and refreshed.

Sat. 13th Aug - " Oh so cute" is the theme.
We will be making cards using stamped images with Magnolia, Molly Bloom etc.
Cards for baby,children and adults.

Sat. 20th Aug. - " Sewing" is the theme.
Showing you how to incorporate fabric, lace, sewing stamps and sewing traditions (running stitches etc.) into your cards.

The last two are to be held in the larger hall inside St. Cuthberts as they are having some building work done in the Douglas Hall. Will let everybody know before the day if there are any changes.

I have yet to make a date for the gathering because of the building work but will keep those crafters informed.

Happy crafting all and happy summer hols.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Card sneak peaks for the manly card class

For the ladies on the next course, on the 4th June, which is 'Five men and a lady' card-making class, here are sneak peaks of three of the cards! Sorry to anyone who couldn't get on it; it is now full. Hope you're all well!
I better go get head-crafter (i.e. the mother) to check if this is spelt right, as I have been given some medication of late that is very helpful, but makes me a bit dodgy on the concentration front. You know the sort: they say 'avoid driving and using heavy machinery'. What a shame, I'll have to give up the quad biking and tractor racing, and i was soo looking forward to them ;P Anyhow, I've been told that once I've taken it, i go all relaxed and slurr a bit, and the words in my head and the ones that come out of my mouth aren't always the same...requires occasional charades to get across my meaning...bit unhelpful really...

Love, Craftybird x

P.S not sure if I mentioned in my last post, that I've started soapmaking, and that first attempt went well, and it's been 'curing' (becoming soapworthy) for nearly 3 weeks now wooop :D
And the cat is having a mid-life crisis: despite never ever collecting birds (he's not normally fast enough), and being frightened of our resident blackbirds (they swoop at him), he decided to catch a blue tit.We made him spit it out...
P.S.S Thank you for the lovely comments! To Claire: I might not be there in June, but I'm sorting myself out to be ready and better in future. Much love and have missed your chats, and sneaking a look at what you're scrapbooking, while you're at gathering!
To Yvonne, thanks for reading, hope you're well too! I'm not too well at all, but finally getting help in slow batches over next few weeks, which will be nice :) Happy crafting! xx
To Sheila, and Pam: THANK YOU for the gorgeous Spring/Easter cards. They're sitting proudly on the windowsill, and are beautiful :) xx
And to all the other lovely friends on the classes, thanks for your kind sent-on wishes, I miss you all! xx

Friday, 6 May 2011

Preview of Bugs and Butterflies cards

Before I begin, I am putting a list down the right hand side of this blog, showing upcoming workshop dates, so that it's easier to see what's going on, and because there are a few new dates!

Now, Bugs and Butterflies class - on May 14th and repeated on May 20th (though 20th is full) :)
What pretty creatures butterflies are! See below for card sneak peeks.

Here are THREE sneak peaks of cards in the class:

Now, below, are two photos from the Northern Papercrafts Extravaganza. Now, I know t'was in March, but now that we have some Craftwork Cards papers in stock, it seemed apt to pop them on here now. My mum stocks a little assortment of crafty goodies, which you can buy during her workshops and gatherings. If you live in the Preston area, we can of course pop round and deliver any items that you've ordered too.

These two photos show samples with the Botanical range of Craftwork Cards papers; there's a pack of green and blue designs, or a pack of white designs (the patterns are printed in black).

Below: a card my mum made using the Craftwork Cards Botanical papers.

And finally: I forgot where this photo had got to, when I produced my last post about the royal wedding. These were a present, made for eating while watching the wedding. Thank you Auntie Susan ;D

Craftybird x

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Bells..of the royal wedding and the blue variety

Happy May :)

Thank you to all the ladies who attended the tea and cake classes, I managed to reach the first one and t'was lovely to see you ladies! Thank you for the cards, and for all wishing me well, I've missed you all, I love having a chat with each of you :)The next class is Bugs and Butterflies class on the 14th May, and I believe the repeat of this class, on 20th May, is full :) Apologies to those who wanted to be on it and didn't get a place in time.

And now for a few piccies that I took over the last few days...
...for the royal wedding celebrations...(the wedding bells)...

...and the bluebells that are now blooming in local areas :)

Did you all do anything for the royal wedding? Watch it, have a party, quick pub pint?

Ciao for now, Craftybird x