Saturday, 19 February 2011

Papery blooms

Good evening, here are sneak peeks of the next class, the Paper flowers class, which is on Saturday 26th March and repeated on Wednesday 6th April! 10.30am - 3pm, £23 with materials and tea/coffee/biscuits galore included, you just have to bring your dinner and yourself. It's at St Cuthbert's hall, and if you would like to book a place on either of these days, you must email as soon as poss, email Jennifer at the places seem to go rather quick.
Hope you like the cards, this is just three sneak peeks of the final set of cards, which involve making paper flowers, from punching, scissor DIY to stamping :)

Finally, this card below is NOT on the paper blooms class: it is the card I made for my mum for her birthday - pictures here as promised. No glue involved; I stitched the stamped image and an offcut of pleated fabric onto the front. The 'love' postage stamp is a Maya Road stamp set, and inside the blue spotty fabric, card and other items are stapled on. The heart punch is Martha Stewart, and I stamped the Hero Art flowery image over it once punched out. Hope you like! Also, the blue ink is Tumbled Glass Distress ink - we're a fan (sorry, that should be addicts) of Distress inks and my mum stocks some nice colours, which are stashed into the crafty automobile for each class :)
Happy crafting, love Craftybird x

Friday, 18 February 2011

A gathering, a class and first signs of flowers

Hello there!

Wow I think this could be long, I have quite a few things stored in the mental cabinet that needs documenting :)

First of all, before I start nattering about the week, I must inform of the next class date. Now, we had the Buttons and Bows class today, as listed in the previous post. Chief teacher Jennifer is teaching a charity cardmaking class at the end of February, and there are a few things going on at our end at the start of March, so the next concrete dates are:

Paper flowers cardmaking class

Saturday 26th March 2011 10.30am - 3pm £23 St Cuthbert's church hall

Wednesday 6th April 2011 10.30am - 3pm £23 St Cuthbert's church hall

The next gathering is to be confirmed - we must check that the venue is available for the date we have in mind. I will badger the mother to give me a date, and a sample of the paper flowers class when the charity cards class and bits and bobs at this end are all in hand :)

It's amazing how time flies, how you can suddenly have so much to do! It is the middle of February already! I want to make so many things, particularly sewing related things: I like sewing fabric, buttons, felt onto cards. However, due to being at big university land, and due to my energy being a lot less than the average human, I have found that I can't craft whilst swamped in Italian history and language lessons. Everything has to be taken slooowly. So having to learn this concept, it's strange I don't know it too well - ahead..yes it's called spreading work out and being on time. What is that?! 'Last minute' and 'masterpieces' used to be more my thing.

So not a lot of crafting has been done, hence a lack of blogging, and trips i take are in slow amounts. I will put a few pics on here of London in the next few weeks :)

On my mum's part, any crafting is of the class variety, and making up class packs, and being a bit ill - sinuses, how unhelpful they can be! I'm sure this age of central heating and being more inside, and air conditioning in shops, does not help us all. She has made quite a few crafty bits, but they're for people, and the game would be given away if I posted them :P

Saturday 11th Feb was our first gathering whilst on the road, without our little shop. The sky was glorious, and in the room in St Cuthbert's hall, the windows on three sides let the light pour in. It might look sad, but I took a photo of the sky, because London has had a bit too many overcast days for my liking, and the north presented me with sky!

Thank you to all the ladies who came to the gathering, was nice to hear chatting and see smiling and nice projects :)

Now below are photos of today's class, the Buttons and Bows day. Thank you to all these ladies too :) A bit of fiddly work involved with threading ribbon into paper buttons and making bows etcetera, but lots of nice cards made, and creativity galore: it's great to see how a design can appear in many forms due to little touches added by different creative minds.

Thank ye Jacky for these pink and white delights, very tasty they were :P Well, what's crafting without tea and biscuits? Or coffee, or green tea, or hot chocolate... Err ok I think I'm a hot drink addict :)

Another thing that happened this week was Jennifer's birthday. A nice lunch out involved me buying her a Victoria sponge slice, aka a birthday cake. Only a few candles short of the number, o' course :)

And the start of February has involved a few changing sights for me:

firstly, seeing the coast of West Sussex, which I've never seen before. I absolutely love the seaside, always have (photos somewhere of moi, aged less than three, on a beach and yet in coat, scarf, hat, gloves - through hell and high water as they say). So when on the fourth of Feb, I go to see my friend who lives near the sea, I talk him into taking me to it...

These photos do not quite emphasise how thrashing the waves were, how we worried the dog would get taken by the sea as he ran into it after birds! It was galeforce wind, we look a bit blown away on the accompanying photos :) A friend said, 'you're going on the beach? In February? Brrrrr!'

Another sight was what I felt to be the first signs of spring - even though it's a month away. Gordon Square in Bloomsbury, London. A host of...purple crocuses. Absolutely beautiful.

And daffodils are out in Booths stores in the north west. New life is springing up!

I almost forgot: today there was a conversation with Jean about craft spaces, and how fairy lights are nice in them - well here are ours Jean, as talked about! Stars at the top, and this week a new shelf with lighting has been put in thanks to some DIY male assistance (I'm not saying women can't manage DIY, but why take the risk with precious crafty fingers and the precious craft wall?).

So heart lights are now on the lower shelf :)

Well that's all for now, take care and happy crafting! Craftybird x