Wednesday, 19 July 2017

A girl must have shoes!!!!

They say that a girl must have plenty of shoes!!!!!

Something has to keep me busy....

Will these do?

Happy Crafting all...
Jennifer x

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Summer Holidays..............

Good Afternoon Ladies

July classes are here at last, although I am officially still on my break!!! Cards all done though, so I thought I may as well get them out there......
Summer holidays the theme, with caravans, deckchairs, parasols, sun-hats, flip-flops and lemonade!!!!
Bright colours all round and shaped cards to finish them off.
Blue, pink, green, turquoise and yellow papers.

 The new papers are from Simple Stories, double-sided papers.

First sneak peek is a new stamp from Woodware.

A little bit of threading on the base of this card to match the parasol.

Summer holidays the theme, so I had to put it on the card!

I enjoyed making these cards with the bright papers and a little bit of colouring in too.
Hope you do to.


Sat. 22nd July
Sat. 29th July


Let me know if you would like to come along.
Thanks for popping by.
Jennifer x

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

June classes 'In the Garden'...........

Good Evening ladies

Hope you are all well.
Not very often do I post of an evening, but as I have just finished my fourth card for the June classes, I thought I may as well post them on to my blog. In the garden is the theme and bright colours are on the menu!!!!!

I have new papers and new stamps to go with the June cards. Blue, yellow, green and orange are the colours on the papers, also new shaped cards.

First peak:-

New die shape for this card:-

Second sample:-

Stamp from Marianne- Vegetable Garden

Third sample:-

Watering can card from Craftwork cards, of which you can purchase on the day.

That's the June cards, obviously there is a fourth card which you don't get to see until the day.

All classes are £18.00 including tea/coffee and cake.

Sat. 3rd   June
Sat. 10th June

If you would like to come along to the classes please let me know via an email.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog.
Jennifer x

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Happy Easter....

Good Afternoon ladies and a Happy Easter to you all.

Made a few Easter cards using a wooden bunny as centre piece and the MME papers.
I have put a few more Easter cards onto my pinterest board if you would like to take a look.

A few weeks ago I mentioned to a few of the ladies, that I had seen on YouTube how to straighten your 'B' plates for the Cuttlebug., so today I had a go.
I have taken a picture of the plate, at it's worst, but I forgot to take it at an angle to show how bent it was!!!

You can see a bit of a curve. I scrubbed the plate with a scrubbing brush, using Cif, to get all the bits of paper and colouring out of it.I then put the plate in a bowl and poured on boiling water, pushed the plate down in the middle with a spoon, or other utensil so you don't burn yourself. Leave a few minuits,then........

Hey presto! the plate is flat again. Pity it isn't clear but at least it goes through the Cuttlebug better, without the thought of it cracking.
Have a go, your plate will last longer....

Bye for now.
Jennifer x
P.S. If you do need any new 'B' plates I now sell them.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Lovely Lavenders......

Afternoon Ladies

Another month gone by which brings us into April, hopefully it doesn't bring too many of the showers with it. As I am always a month ahead I bring you my May sample cards......Lovely Lavender being the theme and butterflies come with it.....

Butterfly shapes and butterfly cards from Craftwork Cards.

New stamp from Marianne Design that has individual stamps for the butterflies etc.

First sample using the butterfly-shaped card.

Second sample:
Nice bit of colouring on this card.

Third sneak peek is a delicate card that is ideal for a birthday card but also a get well card.   



Sat. 6th   May  -  FULL
Sat. 13th May  -  FULL
Sat. 29th April

Thank you for popping by.
Take care
Jennifer x  

For the Charlie followers:-

Neighbourhood watch!
In the pink!!!!

What I can't see I can't worry about!!!!!

Till next time. X

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Pink Patchwork......

Afternoon Ladies

I am back with the April samples even though I haven't finished all the classes for March.....
Just trying to get organised with my cards. I have so many ideas floating around in my head, that I have to get them down on paper.... As I always say, I am not moving fast enough or should that be crafting quickly enough!!!!
There are occasions when you just can't think of what to do, but Spring does help when new colours come out in papers etc.
Anyway here are the April samples.

Pink Patchwork is the theme this time, with papers from MME, which I have been saving just for this project.

Sewing stamp from Woodware.

Hexagon shapes, buttons and ribbons.

First sample:-

Using the Hexagon shapes.

The Hexagon with the stitched edge is very effective.

Third sample using the Woodware Sewing stamp.

Both classes will be at the beginning of April due to the Easter Holidays.

Sat. 1st. April
Sat. 8th. April

£18:00 per class

Email me if you would like to come along to a class.
Thank you for popping by.
Take care
Jennifer x

Monday, 13 February 2017

Morning Ladies

Back with the samples for the March classes. Spring is on it's way....hence the title 'Spring Yellow'.
Hopefully I might add, as these past few days have been extremely cold and blustery as Winnie the Pooh would say.

Yellow and a shade of turquoise are the colours on this next class.

                                    A deep yellow/gold for the card and ribbon.

             Stampendous Daisy stamp which is a large stamp and LOTV Bunny stamp.

1st sample using the MME Nutmeg Handing Out and Nutmeg History papers.

2nd sample is the LOTV Bunny stamp, which makes a lovely Spring card or Easter card.

3rd sneak using the large Daisy stamp.

Four cards as usual.
Sat. 4th March - Full
Sat. 11th March- Full

£18:00 for the class including tea and cake.
Thank you for popping by.
Jennifer x