Monday, 27 July 2009

Our Online shop is up and running!

Shock horror, pinch myself, at last our website is all shipshape and Bristol fashion, you can order from it and everything! It has taken much faffing, and altering, and avoiding (making cards and scrapbooking is much easier than figuring out a website, call me old-fashioned), but at last it is up...phew.
It hasn't got nearly so much items in it as our physical shop in Preston, Lancs, has, but bare with me: I shall add a little bit each day! So keep looking, you never know what you might find.

Happy shopping,

Leanne......a Craftybirrrd

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Dust off that sewing machine

My photos for last Sunday were of a card I made for my cousin, for his birthday.
I haven't used my sewing machine in ages, such a shame.
But it came out from its hiding place this week. For my cousin I stitched a bike and made a little newspaper bag (as he delivers these :P). Also, I used my machine to make Fabric ATCs for the swap I joined on UKScrappers. But I won't put a piccie on yet of those, I'll wait a tad longer and put a post up next week :)

Hello Hello

Wow, can't believe how long it has been since my last post! I have been so disorganised, and what with classes, then general hecticness, lots of hot weather (I feel bad being on computer on sunny days as British sun seems so elusive!), lots of birthdays, and last week I was ill ; blog seems to have been neglected!

Lots of projects that are unfinished I do not post, as I think they ought to be finished before I take a piccie of them, but finally decided to do the 365 photo-a-day challenge that so many UKScrappers members seem to be doing. I love taking photos, even though many are rather amateurish, but at least now I have an excuse for the photos I take of my journey to work, new goodies that arrive at work, and all my UFO's i.e. unfinished objects!

I have been doing this photo challenge for 2 weeks now, and some are not brilliant, and sometimes I forget, so aim is to have taken at least 7 by end of each week :)

So here goes, here are bits from my first week of photos.

I bought a red vintage suitcase from Oxfam Vintage. So excited by it, probably sounds quite sad, but I like vintage things :) I had to then carry it round as I went shopping, but proudly carried it.

An unknown flower that has sprung up at my family's allotment. The flowers look so pretty; maybe would like nice in stitch.

I keep taking photos of the daisies in the back garden, before they suffer the weekly mow.

In the week I started this photo-taking promise, twas my birthday. Guess my age, can you guess?!