Friday, 27 May 2011

Card sneak peaks for the manly card class

For the ladies on the next course, on the 4th June, which is 'Five men and a lady' card-making class, here are sneak peaks of three of the cards! Sorry to anyone who couldn't get on it; it is now full. Hope you're all well!
I better go get head-crafter (i.e. the mother) to check if this is spelt right, as I have been given some medication of late that is very helpful, but makes me a bit dodgy on the concentration front. You know the sort: they say 'avoid driving and using heavy machinery'. What a shame, I'll have to give up the quad biking and tractor racing, and i was soo looking forward to them ;P Anyhow, I've been told that once I've taken it, i go all relaxed and slurr a bit, and the words in my head and the ones that come out of my mouth aren't always the same...requires occasional charades to get across my meaning...bit unhelpful really...

Love, Craftybird x

P.S not sure if I mentioned in my last post, that I've started soapmaking, and that first attempt went well, and it's been 'curing' (becoming soapworthy) for nearly 3 weeks now wooop :D
And the cat is having a mid-life crisis: despite never ever collecting birds (he's not normally fast enough), and being frightened of our resident blackbirds (they swoop at him), he decided to catch a blue tit.We made him spit it out...
P.S.S Thank you for the lovely comments! To Claire: I might not be there in June, but I'm sorting myself out to be ready and better in future. Much love and have missed your chats, and sneaking a look at what you're scrapbooking, while you're at gathering!
To Yvonne, thanks for reading, hope you're well too! I'm not too well at all, but finally getting help in slow batches over next few weeks, which will be nice :) Happy crafting! xx
To Sheila, and Pam: THANK YOU for the gorgeous Spring/Easter cards. They're sitting proudly on the windowsill, and are beautiful :) xx
And to all the other lovely friends on the classes, thanks for your kind sent-on wishes, I miss you all! xx

Friday, 6 May 2011

Preview of Bugs and Butterflies cards

Before I begin, I am putting a list down the right hand side of this blog, showing upcoming workshop dates, so that it's easier to see what's going on, and because there are a few new dates!

Now, Bugs and Butterflies class - on May 14th and repeated on May 20th (though 20th is full) :)
What pretty creatures butterflies are! See below for card sneak peeks.

Here are THREE sneak peaks of cards in the class:

Now, below, are two photos from the Northern Papercrafts Extravaganza. Now, I know t'was in March, but now that we have some Craftwork Cards papers in stock, it seemed apt to pop them on here now. My mum stocks a little assortment of crafty goodies, which you can buy during her workshops and gatherings. If you live in the Preston area, we can of course pop round and deliver any items that you've ordered too.

These two photos show samples with the Botanical range of Craftwork Cards papers; there's a pack of green and blue designs, or a pack of white designs (the patterns are printed in black).

Below: a card my mum made using the Craftwork Cards Botanical papers.

And finally: I forgot where this photo had got to, when I produced my last post about the royal wedding. These were a present, made for eating while watching the wedding. Thank you Auntie Susan ;D

Craftybird x

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Bells..of the royal wedding and the blue variety

Happy May :)

Thank you to all the ladies who attended the tea and cake classes, I managed to reach the first one and t'was lovely to see you ladies! Thank you for the cards, and for all wishing me well, I've missed you all, I love having a chat with each of you :)The next class is Bugs and Butterflies class on the 14th May, and I believe the repeat of this class, on 20th May, is full :) Apologies to those who wanted to be on it and didn't get a place in time.

And now for a few piccies that I took over the last few days...
...for the royal wedding celebrations...(the wedding bells)...

...and the bluebells that are now blooming in local areas :)

Did you all do anything for the royal wedding? Watch it, have a party, quick pub pint?

Ciao for now, Craftybird x