Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Altered Art workshop 6th June

Our next Altered Art workshop is 6th June 2009, 10.30am till 2pm, £15 all materials included except lunch.
First half of the workshop is Distress techniques tags (for those who attended our first class, these tags have new, interesting media techniques - not the same as the first ones).

Second half of the workshop is an acrylic frame, which you decorate with mixed media on the insides before sticking together. Frame could be hung up, or could be threaded to
other media items of your choice - art is very flexible o' course :)

Here is an example, but as always, if you attend the course, the colours and images can be whatever you choose! If you're interested, please email me (address on the right) or PM me on UkScrappers (my name is Craftybird)

Hurry up as places are being booked up quickly!

Happy altering x x

Recipe Book

Been making a Recipe book this week - was simply dying to use some of the Jenni Bowlin' papers we got in not long ago, and when I saw the Cherry Pie paper, with cute cherries all over it, I thought of food! My plan is to make it into a journal, but instead of daily occurrences, t'will be filled with recipes that I use often, that friends use, or that customers have mentioned...so if anybody has a recipe they want to contribute, when you're next in the shop bring a copy o' the recipe in, and maybe a piccie of what the recipe turns into, or a memory that goes with it!

First page...flapjack :) And a few customers have mentioned recipes they like doing...I'm hungry already :)

Happy crafting x x x

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Crafty Hearts on Etsy.com coming soon

Hopefully by the end of this week I should have written the boring terms and conditions for our shop profile on Etsy.com and it will be up and running to buy from! Seeing as our own website is still under construction :(
We're planning to do kits via the Etsy shop profile, or little groups of items with themes. Just to make it interesting. For the first kit (Enchanted Wood), I've made an example, hooray! Twas a way of getting myself into the swing of this online shop lark...

Below is what will be in our very first kit on Etsy - the list of what's actually in the kit will be in our Etsy shop. www.craftyhearts.etsy.com fingers crossed ready by end of this week!
Craftybird x x