Sunday, 31 August 2014

Last Day Of August

Good afternoon ladies

Hope I find you all in tip top condition and enjoying your crafting ventures. Thought I would just get this blog post in on the very last day of August and say where has this month gone? I think I say that every time I get to the end of a month because time seems to be going so fast...only 115 days before Christmas Day, if my calculations are right. I'm sure some of you will be well on the way with your Christmas cards and for others they will be thinking your joking it's only September tomorrow. I have noticed a few of the shops have started getting their Christmas stock in. I still have one more card class before the Christmas cards start.
A full house on this one...'A Little Bird Told Me', looking forward to that as it seems ages since my last class, even though it was only last month.

Like most of you I have been enjoying the nice weather and have been out and about in the garden, we have been lucky this year as it feels like we have had a summer. Thought the ladies that follow Charlie would like to see the pictures we took of him sharing my kneeling mat when I was tidying up last week. I didn't know I was sharing though!!!! Obviously he thought so....

I had only gone to empty my garden bucket in the compost bin...he is still quick even though he will be 14 years old at the end of the year.

As you can see he got down so I had to go and find another kneeler. Only just fits on!!!! He likes to be where I am and follows me around. Hubby says he thinks he is a dog. Trouble is I keep tripping over him. He is loving my Christmas decorations and ribbons that I have got for my Christmas cards and jumps up onto my desk as soon as he sees ribbon. Talking of which I have finished some of the samples for the first Christmas class in October....

The theme this year for the first one is 'Merry and Bright', using red, white and with a touch of light grey.....

                     Using an aperture card for the first one.......

    A bit of colouring in for all these cards which for me is very relaxing.

And finally a trio of birdhouses decorated up for Christmas

I have got another Christmas class on Saturday 8th November with another set of cards and also I will be doing another Christmas decoration class on Saturday 22nd November if any of you are interested. I  will keep you posted about the home card class when I have sorted a date out for that. Until then enjoy your crafting and thanks for popping by.
Take care.
Jennifer x

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Afternoon ladies

Just a quick post to show one of the cards we made at a class I did at Steph's house last night. A good time was had by all and cake was included, as it just happened to be one of the ladies birthday this coming Sunday. They were all lovely ladies of which I had met a few before. The theme was 'Friends'.

Take care till next time.
Jennifer x

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A Little Bird Told Me....

Hi Ladies
Hope you are all well and still enjoying this sunshine that we have been blessed with. The sun keeps on shining which is great, keep all your fingers crossed that it remains through until September and even longer if we are lucky. Just a few showers in between for the gardens will do nicely....
We have had some lovely Sweet Pea flowers which smell divine..

We have also been doing the butterfly count this week which goes on till Sunday, which is obviously called  'The Big Butterfly Count', as we have had loads of butterflies on the Buddleia  plant at the back. Charlie enjoys counting them too and chasing them after he has had a kip of course!!! Notice he is in the compost..

These photos are from the class last Saturday with the Woodland theme.....

                                                 Ladybirds at the ready....

I have been a busy bee as usual making the samples for the September class and also a private class at one of the ladies houses next week. I have to say although I enjoy making all these samples I am itching to start my Christmas collection, (I know in August).I think it must be that because I have been collecting ribbons, wooden snowflakes and ordered some Christmas papers that it is making me want to start them!!!!
I will hold back though, a tad too early me thinks.

Anyway back to the drawing board as they say....
Saturday 6th September class:-   A Little Bird Told Me......

Don't you just love can tell I do. Couldn't resist pouring them all out while Charlie wasn't around!

Great wording on this Stamp Set which I will bring along to sell. All birdie sayings...

Bright blues and oranges.

Some cutting out to do with the leaves on this card, but, you will all be pleased to know only three and Leanne has volunteered to cut out the rest... Better  keep her to that or I could be in trouble.

Talking of Christmas as I was before, my first Christmas class will be on Saturday 11th October.
I will be doing to sets of Christmas cards and I am trying to sort out a class at my home again too, but I will keep you  posted on that next time.
Take care all and thank you for popping by.
Jennifer x