Sunday, 27 April 2014

Anyone For Coffee and Cream?

Afternoon ladies on this sunny (now and then) day!

At least is isn't raining as everyone keeps reminding me...
I'm all ready for the June class and we haven't even seen April out yet. Getting ahead of myself with the samples and the packs.

Saturday June 8th is the Coffee and Cream class with the said colours.
I have acquired a couple of stamps appropriately with coffee in mind as one does...acquire stamps that is..
To add to my not so small collection...but hey... great hobby!!!!

First the stash as usual:-

                             Hessian ribbon, coffee coloured roses and dotted papers.

                                First sneak peek with the House Mouse.......
                                             Is it a flower?

                                              Final sneak peek!!!!

                       Time for a cup of coffee with friends........and some colouring in.

       Hope you like the samples, off to have a cup of coffee too and sign off for today.

Will be back shortly with the samples for the two home classes:-
They are Sat. May 24th and
              Sun. May 25th
Let me know if you would like to come along.
Take care till next time.
Jennifer x

Monday, 21 April 2014

A Sneak Peek and Tulips...

Good Afternoon everybody,

I can't believe that it is three quarters way through April and that the last time I blogged was the end of March. We are always saying...'where has the time gone'....but where has it gone? Been busy with the class packs and all the birthday cards and anniversary cards I have to make in April...(think I will rephrase that, not 'have to', enjoyably make) but time seems to be going so quickly it's hard to keep up. Not quite thinking of Christmas cards yet though!!!!

Anyway, hope you all have had a good Easter and for some enjoyed a break from work. Weather could have been consistent if not better, but as they say beggars can't be choosers.

I don't know if you have noticed but my title page doesn't really go together but as I have another sneak peek of the men's class in May and some photos too of my tulips I thought I may as well post them together!!!
One of the ladies from my classes very kindly brought me some Tulip bulbs back from holiday and as I had some Tulips already in the garden I keep taking photographs just in case they are the ones from Jean, as they didn't have any names or colours labels of what they were going to be....pot luck...but a very nice pot luck.

They are all lovely popping their heads up here and there..... I have to say it has been a good week for gardening which makes a nice change. Now back to the crafting............

A sneak peek at the cards we are making on the 3rd May- All Men's cards, starting with the pile up.....

A conveyor belt at this end with non stop cutting stamping and embossing.....keeping me out of trouble...and out of painting the trellis in the garden, which Stephen is managing single handedly.

Hope you like the tartan paper I have used for the background! All cards done now and the packs almost finished onto the June class now.

Sat. 7th June-   Coffee and Cream
I have made one sample up but as soon as I have another one prepared I will post them onto the blog.
There are still a few spaces left for the June class.

I have two dates for the May home classes:-

Sat.  24th May  afternoon
Sun. 25th May  afternoon

Will give out the times when I have made up the samples. These will be flower themed cards, again I will get the samples onto the blog as soon as......

A busy bee as always but thoroughly enjoying it and hopefully you are too!!!!
That's all for now, enjoy the rest of your Easter and look forward to seeing you all soon.
Take care.
Jennifer x