Monday, 26 December 2011

All Things White!

This Christmas we, being Leanne and myself decided that everything decorated would be white. Charlie the cat was a bit hit and miss as he has a lot of white patches but too many other patches so we decided just a bit of white on his collar would suffice the decorating there. The theme was very folk-arty, with wood tree decorations and of course a few red ones too. Every time I went out shopping I would be on the look out for white decorations.
Think Charlie was on the look out too! Possibly in the wrong place though!

He is often  more of a hinder than a help as they say. He's a nosey cat.

We had some lovely white wooden reindeer, white birds on white bells, white baubles and a white star to sit on the top of the christmas tree.

We picked up some large alphabet letters from Hobbycraft that are made of papier mache and painted them white too, they had quite a few coats of Gesso and Leanne made a few white flowers to attach to the "N" for decorations They looked very good when they all stood together to make the word NOEL.

White/red potpourrie was there in the window in white bowl to finish the display, and to smell nice too.
What was so nice was, that because it has been quite mild weather of late, we had a few beautiful white roses out in the garden so it was a shame not to take a picture of one of the unopened ones. Can you believe that in December we would have roses out?! This one is a Princess Diana rose that came out after she had died, and it is still flowering, perhaps not quite at the right time this year though, but still lovely to see, and keeping with our white theme.
Another of our white decorations, besides the Father christmas beard, was an Advent candle which I decided to light while watching tv, then went up to my craft room to make a few cards, as you do, forgetting the candle, only to come downstairs to find it had burned down from 1 to 18, with a nice heap of candle wax on my marbled fireplace. Could have been worse or do I mean disastrous, what's that I can hear myself and everyone else saying, 'never leave a candle burning when not in the room!' Luckily it didn't mark the fireplace. Think I may have had problems with candles in the past, melting onto the carpet, exploding glass ones that also melted the carpet, you would think I would have learnt something by now wouldn't you...

Put a little sneak-peek in of the snowman I made a few years ago at Aunt Jemimas, a great place for sewing, but it's the card in front that I'm showing off, what Leanne made me for christmas, and what you can't see is that it is full of little beads on the leaves on the tree. She made some lovely cards this year.

The very last thing with a white theme I thought I should add is the white socks Charlie wears everyday.

And now for something completely different as Leanne would say, my next card classes are as follows: 
Sat.14th Jan. - VintageTheme  FULL

Sat. 21st Jan.- Vintage Theme

Sat. 11th Feb.- Fairy Theme

Sat. 3rd March- Fresh and Fruity

The samples below are for the Vintage theme and I am making each card a different colour. The first has been stamped using denim blue Adirondack ink pad.

The 2nd card is usind a few different textures with white and milled Lavender distress ink(wanted to write MULLED must be thinking of the wine,not that I drink, and I honestly don't).
Thirdly I have used tattered rose distress ink and a vintage sepia with pinks and mulberry papers. Hope you like them! Got another three to enjoy doing and have got my colours nicely worked out.

All the classes are at St.Cuthberts church, Douglas Hall, Lytham Rd, Fulwood, Preston. and start at 10.30am-3pm  - £23.00 including everything except your lunch.

If you would like to take part in any of the classes just contact me via an email :

I will update the next blog when I have made the samples for the next classes - until then thankyou for all your support through 2011 and hope you all have a peaceful 2012.
Happy New Year all.
Jennifer and Leanne x

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