Monday, 2 August 2010

Blog neglection! and chaotic open evening times

Woah, I feel bad that I have not blogged in more than three weeks, but it is starting to seem like a good plan, to blog post once or twice a month, as I now have plenty to mention :) Plenty being...a very understated word!

Now, what with the sad news on my last post, about us shutting our little shop (:-o) , we've spent July having to tell all our regulars. It's been a difficult thing to say - I managed to spread the news to many via blog and email, but there were still lots to tell outside via word of mouth ;( Many have offered to do volunteer work, a few hours a week, in order to keep the shop running. To all those who offered, both via email, post comment and whilst chatting in the shop: first of all, thank you, it's all very kind and flattering of you all. We had thought of it, but it's the hefty responsibility, that made us decide to end our shop days. It would be chaotic, organising everybody, teaching everyone how to give crafty advice (most customers ask at least one question when in). We won't miss having to continuously buy stock to keep up with the fast craft market (and never being able to get all the stock, as some brands are now so mass sold, the suppliers don't send you all in one go, or it's out of stock, aaarghh, etc etc). The idea of travelling round, teaching workshops, every one gathering together for crafty days, sounds easier, and there's the opportunity of carrying products such as stamp ranges that we might be demonstrating that month. But still a big THANK YOU for all you generous ladies who offered to volunteer.

Sooo, to begin the task of emptying our shop of all its crafty goodies, we had an open evening last Wednesday night. From that evening, all products are 20% off, even sale items (plenty of bargains :)). You never know how many people are going to turn up: not everybody you tell may be able to make it. But we were not expecting what happened: it was like the crafty equivalent of a packed out night club! The shop was packed, I suddenly turned to find there was a huge queue at the tills. Thank you to everybody who came, it was great seeing you all, and thanks to Steph for taking the photos! Just one thing: Steph, you didn't get someone to take a photo with you in it!

I must do a post showing some of the samples we made for the open evening.
I also must put do a post about Saturday's Alphabet 'F' class, but I left my camera at work, with the photos relating to my planned 'F' post :S Scatterbrain!
I noticed on Craftybeast's blog that she made a list of crafty things to do. I sooo need to do that too! I empathised so much with her post, when she said she has lists of lists, I have those too, then I lose my list and at the top of the next list is 'Find list'! How sad am I hehe.

We're currently working on the Christmas classes. Christmas is in August at Crafty Hearts- the Christmas card-making class is on Sat 14th August, repeat class on 21st August. Email if you'd like to join, but be quick - both classes are nearly full. We're also having our (*wails*) last Crafty Gathering on Saturday 28th August. 11am - 3pm, £3 inc tea and biscuits, bring a crafty project and join us (email if you're coming though, so we know the numbers).

Also, since I last did a post, I have finally begun driving lessons. I wish i could get a photo of this event, in order to scrapbook, but I am in no way a good enough driver to take a photo too! Terrified when I hit a 40mph limit road, but addicted :)

Finally (I know, this post is novel-sized), a few posts back I mentioned that my mum was making a handmade present for me for my birthday, and I would post it when I finally found out what it was. Well, t'was bunting! Handmade, with Cath Kidston fabric! Wow did she do a good job, it's really neat, and cute. It is for when I go to university, to decorate my room. But couldn't resist putting it up at the mo, too nice to just leave it in its wrapping.

Thanks for reading,
Craftybird x


  1. Very sad that the shop is closing :( Well done on the driving lessons, oh and Cath K bunting? *Swoon!* x x

  2. So sorry to hear the shop is closing... it's forever since I came to see you but sadly scrapbooking has taken a bit of a back seat these days with everything else that's been going on.

    That bunting is gorgeous, will look fab in your room at Uni. What are you going to study?

    And yay on the driving lessons, once you've passed your test you'll wonder how you ever managed before you could drive!