Monday, 9 August 2010

F is for Folding, Flutterbies...and Frustration and Fizzy Wine!

The beginning of August has seen two rounds of our 'F' class: F is for Folding and Flutterbies. The following piccies are from our first 'F' class; thank you to Sheila for bringing in a surprise bottle of Perry (low volume, might I add- so everyone can still cut their cards in straight lines and then drive home ok :)). It was to celebrate, and to commemorate, our classes this year in the classroom above our lovely little shop. Although we have Christmas classes and a last Crafty Gathering still to come, it felt like the beginning of the end of an era - after September we will no longer be able to run (I say run, I leave that to mum and Meg! Ambling is allowed) up the stairs to the dotty spotty tables in our classroom and get everybody crafting. We will be teachers on the road, teaching here and there.
I hope the ladies don't mind that I added a photo of the class, but it seemed daft to just put the photo of the wine and not the celebration!

As well as F for Fizzy wine, there were also a few other Fs floating about, as we had everybody measuring and thinking, as they attempted a step card, a card with a fold-back window, and another with a big raised fold. But all in all, both that f class and the F class on this-Saturday-just-gone were very nice :) Thank you all who attended :)
P.S I will post here photos of the cards for the Christmas class very soon, although sadly no places left on it - it booked up before we even made the cards!
And a newsletter is on its way this week, via email: sadly t'will be the last one, but I'll try pack it full.
Happy crafting!
Craftybird x

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