Friday, 9 July 2010

E is for embossing, open evening and...sad news :(

I've neglected the art of blogging for more than two weeks :( A few family birthdays (including my own woo!) cropped up within these weeks, plus stock taking, D is for Die-cuts classes, Mint Choc class and experimenting with ideas for the next classes. Whenever I've had a free space to blog, I quickly realised that I hadn't finished projects to put on the blog, or cards had been posted off without photographs taken :S

Before I show photos of the next class, E is for Embossing, and once I've told you that the next crafty gathering is Saturday 24th July (let us know if you want to come, it's 11am-3pm, £3 tea and biscuits inc, bring crafty projects and craft away lol)...we have some sad news. It has taken much thought over the last few weeks, but we have finally decided that Crafty Hearts, our little shop, is closing by end of August/early September. I am off to university, making it harder for my mum to manage everything on her own. But even if I wasn't going, we have been starting to find we are 'meeting ourselves coming back', trying to run the shop, teach classes, make sample, advertise, blog, maintain a website, newsletter-write.....if we had plenty of pennies to pay little helpers to do each of these tasks while we just designed and taught classes, t'would be simple...but sadly not!
My mum is not sure whether she will go mobile in the future, and teach classes in local halls, or be at craft fairs. I think a holiday is on the cards first. But should she decide to go back to teaching, I will contact all those lovely ladies whose emails we have.

Sooooo, there will still be card-making classes and crafty gatherings throughout July and August.

We will also be having an Open Evening on Wednesday 28th July, 5pm-9pm. It's free, with tea and cake and demonstrations, and plenty of inspiration and bargains to be had. We're not entirely sure of our final closing date: either last day of August or early September, whenever all the craft products have gone (oh dear, it sounds sad to say it like that :-O). Come in and see us, all of you, before we go, we will miss you!

On a lighter note, here below are the samples of our next class, E is for Embossing, with techniques including embossing with clear ink, coloured ink, coloured and clear powders, resist embossing.

E is for Embossing Card-making class: Saturday 17th July

10.30am - 3pm £20 inc materials & tea & biscuits

Left us know if you would like to join (email or ring the shop, details on right-hand side).

See you all soon, and looking forward to seeing the ladies on the D is for Die-cuts class tomorrow :)


  1. The cards are gorgeous Leanne, so sorry you're closing down, you will be missed very much :)

  2. oh I'm so sorry to hear you are closing :(

    great cards xx

  3. Oh NO!! BooHOOO .....Cant believe it - And I didn't even get to come to one of the crafty gatherings (due to my ME playing up AGAIN!)
    Though I totally understand - had to put my plans on hold till end of summer - work is draining me - if I could work just 3 or 4 hours a day it would be no problem, but 2 days is just a few hours too much. Which gave me an idea - please forgive me if you have already thought of it!?
    WHY NOT GET SOME volunteer helpers? - like people with M.E. to help for a few hours each day in the shop? You would get help and it would be therapeutic for them. You would need to get in touch with the Disability Advisor of the Job Centre. I did this years ago - basically I worked every afternoon at a charity whilst I was receiving my sick pay.
    Could your mum teach just once a month and get
    friends/customers to make samples?
    or maybe she could sell from the website and do a kind of PARTY PLAN card/scrapbooking evening at customers homes?
    You have probably thought of all these ideas PLEASE FORGIVE ME for putting my two-penneth in its just SOOOOO VERY SAD.
    You will REALLY BE MISSED.
    Wishing you and your lovely family all the Best for the Future - hope you have a Blast at Uni :-)