Thursday, 8 April 2010

Next Altered Class and little ramblings

I can't believe that, despite the little Easter holiday, I've not blogged. Normally, free time means there's an opportunity for posting. But it has been a few days of no crafting or blogging, though plenty of working on a recipe newsletter. Some have received it, some haven't - I'm amending it so that the file is smaller, so everyone can receive it easily. So anyone who hasn't received it and is on our list, thanks for being patient, I'll get it to you soon. It's a newsletter with card recipes, showing new products in-store, or even classic products with a twist. And not just card recips, as, being a papercrafts shop, there are no boundaries. If you'd like to receive one (two newsletters a month) but are not on our emailing list, click the box at the top right side of this blog and join.
Because of the lack of crafting over Easter, I've not had chance to say THANK YOU to all who attended our second Grey and Grape class last Thursday. You were all fabulous, t'was a lovely day.
And, most of all, the picture you see is the class sample for the next Altered Art class, taught by Angela. It will be taught on
Saturday 1st May Afternoon.
If you'd like to join this class, simply ring the shop, or email us at
Ooh, and I forgot to mention: on the Grey and Grape class I was shown a photo of a very inspiring craft room, with paper-covered drawers and paper-covered amazing big letters. The owner knows who she is *nudge nudge wink wink* and has inspired me! I'm going to post a photo of my lacklustre drawers (wooden craft ones! no pun intended lol) and my fairy lights around my craft space, and then it's a motivation to improve them. Like a before and after.
Best wishes everybody, hope you all had a good easter,
Craftybird :)

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