Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Before

A Sunny Weekend. Miracle, can't remember the last time 'sunny' and
'weekend' were mentioned together. And you could even smell it in the air, that summery smell (maybe that sounds daft, but it's smellable, honest!).
These photos were taken yesterday, lines of daffodils along the park, like along strand of yellow ribbon.

I love this one, where there is suddenly a mass of their little yellow heads, you can barely pick out one from another.

And the spring watering can was out today :)
The reason for this post being called 'The Before' is down to this photo below: as promised in my last post, I plan to decorate these plain boxes with some patterned paper. After I saw a photo of a friend's craft room. Her storage is an all pretty pink patterned affair. So I'm going to make mine more cheerful. Here's the before...

And the newsletter has been emailed out, I managed to condense it, hooray :) Next one will be near the end of April.
Happy Crafting, from a Craftybirrd


  1. I know what you mean about the smell of summer, its nice to get a bit of sun round our way isn't it?

  2. Hey, its still sunny Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, the title on the phone box LO was actually done with Thickers, the Apartment ones (I cheated :)) but I do need some new embossing powder... I feel a trip to your shop coming on very soon.