Wednesday, 17 December 2014

December......and Happy Birthday Charlie...

Good Morning ladies

Thought I had better put in an appearance as I haven't posted a message since October. I know I keep saying this, but ,where have the last few months GONE!!!!

I know it is a busy time if you are a crafter, lots of cards to make and presents to make too, but I just wanted to still take time out to enjoy December. The garden can look quite nice when Jack Frost is about, so out I went snapping happily!  I am easily pleased I know!!!

It just amazes me what pretty pictures the frost makes......

Even flowers out in December

A bit of edging here just what I like to put on my cards

As well as the photography I have been busy with the cardmaking too and here are a few of my samples:-

                             Busy with the leaf punch on this card below.

I love this Woodware stamp that we used on one of the classes.

I really enjoyed making the cards with the rolled up paper.

As I always say last but not at all least, I have put a few pictures on of Charlie, as it is his 14th Birthday today and Leanne had bought him a monkey on a stick... we are not sure if he is impressed or not!!!

                                                         HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE

Thank you for popping by and I will be back soon with samples for the January class which is on Sat.10th...Winter Blues.

Happy Christmas to you all and  my very best wishes for a peaceful New Year.
Thank you too for all your support over the last year.
Take care.
Jennifer x

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