Wednesday, 1 February 2012

February and already!

1st of February here already where does the time go, no sooner am I thinking of the next theme and the next months classes than they are here before you know it. I like the month of Feb as it is my birthday soon and I always think we are on the way to spring, not thinking that February can sometimes be colder than January and in this instance it could be, as the weather men keep threatening us with colder weather to come. The one good thing about this crafting hobby is, that it keeps us busy when we have to stay indoors. Not a problem as I can watch all the rain from were I am sat busily crafting.

My next class is on Sat 11th Feb and is the fairy theme, large, small and silhouette fairies.


Pretty fairies that will be nice for a young girls birthday as well as grown ups too. I have used lilacs, pinks, turquoises and pale greens and used Lindsay Mason, Stamposaurus and Craft Companion stamps.

This is a little dinky stamp from a company called Cart-Us, but as most of the crafting ladies know I stamp a few up in little packs so I can collect money for a donation to the church hall I teach at, so you will be able to make up more cards if you like.

This time I have made five cards for the class and added a technique that everybody can have a go at using the brayer, distress inks and metal stencils, so you will be able to make backgrounds for use with your stamps. As usual playing around with the inks ends up with most of the ink on ones hands, which I'm sure in my case jumps out of the tin and straight onto my fingers. One of the ladies mentioned that she had heard that if you use Cussons Imperial leather soap, the ink comes off more easily, but I don't think that works for me, I just end up with turquoise soap. Any ideas are much welcomed as I have had purple and blue fingers(especially thumbs,but don't know why that is) for days.

The metal stencils are Impressabilities from Spellbinders and I have eventually got to use them. Both the stencils, brayers and inks are available to buy at the classes.
It also gives me a chance to play more with my brayer, as you can see in the picture it still looks very clean.

My class in March (Sat 3rd) is titled "Fresh and Fruity" and covers grapes, strawberries, peaches, and apples. The card below is obviously the grape one and is appropriately made as a "get well card". Although on the card you can't see the greeting as I have only given you a sneak peak as usual. Wouldn't be as exciting, I don't think if you new what all the cards you were making looked like.

I have Molly Bloom Strawberry card and Magnolia peaches which I am working on at the moment and will put more on the blog as and when I am happy with them.

I will have new dates and themes for my next classes too. Later in March- Mixed cards including Easter and April Showers with Molly and George(Molly Bloom) are waiting to be stamped.

I think that is all for now, just hope you like the samples I have crafted and I am off to sort my rooms out, moving furniture throwing things out etc.( when Stephens not around) as eventually I will have this extension room turned into a craft room and display room then I can invite all you ladies here for an "Open Evening" like we used to have at the shop. Can't wait.

Bye for now and carry on crafting.
Take care till next time,
Jennifer and Leanne x

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