Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Thick Embossing

When I sent out the latest recipe newsletter, I promised to make a post about ultra thick embossing powder. I haven't actually got photos of thick embossing powder in action to pop with the following posting without photos oof that's an uncolourful sight, it doesn't feel natural! I have no photos because the most recent thick embossing I did - well, I forgot to photograph it! Even though the camera was nearby. I got engrossed in watching it as it melted all metallicky.
I felt it needed to be made as a post subject, because I did some thick embossing in the newsletter, and I did it in a way that isn't normally done (see tip three).
Tip ONE..I know this sounds like I'm sell sell selling, but honestly as a crafter, I like the ultra thick embossing powders we have in the shop. They're metallicky and shimmery once they're melted, we have a sample of a wooden box covered in melted powder to check out too. So tip one is: if you're going to thick emboss, you gotta get some opaque metallic colourful powders. We sell Blonde Moments they're yum.

Tip TWO...always ink your surface-to-be-embossed first. Otherwise the powder won't stick. With opaque coloured powder, any colour is fine, but Versamark works best, as it's particularly sticky.

Tip THREE...Once you've applied the first layer, tipped off excess, and melted it, normally most tell you to pour the next layer on while it's still melted. But these are thick crystals, and trying to get 'em to stick onto the previous layer is difficult. Sections often cool and you don't cover all your shape. So, we have discovered it's easier to let the first layer cool fully, then re-ink your shape with Versamark. Really inked, therefore really sticky, it's easier to get a full coat of powder.

Tip FOUR...At least three layers is needed if you're planning to press a stamp into this melted powder. Otherwise, however few or as many layers as you like.

Tip FIVE...Ink your stamp ready, about the time you are going to heat your last layer. No ink on stamp, stamp sticks into powder. Damaging stamps is a sad sight! It's an unspoken rule amongst stampers, stamps must be respected :)

Tip SIX...A little carton/tray nearby to sit your shape in while you pour powder over is a good plan. As embossing powder does make a sandy beach out of your work top, if spillage happens.

Tip SEVEN....Two powders on the same shape looks real good.

tip EIGHT...stamp into a melted powdered shape while last layer is still hot and squishy. And then, piece de resistance, brush Blonde Moments Pigment Powder (it's like colourful eyeshadow, shimmery too! And watercolour possible if you want it to) into the indented stamped bit. The powder sticks to the ink you used. Especially if it was Versamark.

That's enough chinwagging for one night, I'll leave you in peace :)
Happy crafting, see you soon x

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