Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Late May recipes and pop-up book class

The following photo is a sneak peek of one of the recipes on our late May newsletter, the most recent of our recipe newsletters. This is the vintagey recipe, there's a bright, rainbow-like recipe to contrast it.

The next photos are of the pop-up minibook class, on Saturday 19th June. Email or ring the shop if you'd like to join this class. It's 11.30am - 2pm, £20 inc materials and tea/coffee/biscuits.

What a May it's been, hope June is better! I have been quite ill througohut, just waiting now to find out what's making me ill. Had to leave my mum to teach Saturday afternoon on her own - she did it brilliantly, but felt really bad that I was not there to be her assistant! It makes it much easier, having an assistant, to help people, cut things out if anyone's not a fan of cutting out, or help solve any happy accidents (accidental slips of cutting through the wrong paper or image ;)).

So looking forward to feeling well, I miss that feeling :). It makes you appreciate things though, and realise there are lots of people out there who have lots of things wrong, who suffer from illnesses that make you think, 'wow, how do they cope with that?'.
On to lighter notes...next gatherings are friday 11th june and saturday 26th june.

Each are 11am - 3pm, £3 and inc tea/coffee/biscuits and you can use the tools in the classroom. Bring a project, whether you are a scrapbooker, cardmaker, knitter, altered artist...whatever craft. Sit and make and chat and relax.

The C classes are going on at the moment - that is, C is for Colour. They're all booked up, but the next class in our alphabet series is D is for Diecuts. That is on Friday 2nd July 10.30am - 3pm (£20 everything inc except lunch and yourself). There's a repeat of this class on Saturday 10th July,same time and price. We haven't made any samples for this class yet, as we are looking at potential new papers for it, but when we've done the samples, they'll be posted on here :)

Hope everybody's had a good Bank Holiday, what have you all been up to? I could say we've done all sorts, but that would be telling fibs ;) A walk to the shops is as exotic as I got! And lots of chilling out.
Must dash, need to check up on my mum, see if she's having any luck finding a copy of 'Eclipse' (from the Twilight saga). She kindly offered to look for it on her trip out. Well, if it's going to be a while before I get better, might as well read through the mountain of books on my 'to read' list. Anybody got any good recommendations, of must-read books?

Take care x

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  1. That is gorgeous Leanne & shoot I forgot about fathers day, looking forward to the 26th & I've made a start on my art journal too :)