Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Open Evening :)

Woo, heating all revamped and working, the shop is warm and lovely again!Just to let everyone know, we're having our next open evening on
Thursday 11th March 5pm - 9pm

For those of you who've never been before, our open evenings are when our whole crafty community can get together, look around the shop, check out demonstrations and new card/scrapbooking/who-knows-what-we'll-make-next samples, whilst having free tea and cake/biscuits, browsing the next new classes, and there's also 10% off all product purchases on the evening. Plus, this next open evening, there'll be a free card kit with every purchase. I was all planned to do this for the last open evening, then things got a bit hectic and I couldn't do it, so this time I'm being...somebody catch me I'm fainting with shock...organised! I'm a last-minute-stress-motivates-me person, so this is a miracle!
Anyway where was I: free card kit with every purchase on open evening. Each kit will come with a piccie of a card we've designed, and in the kit will be all the bling to make it. So that's the folded card, envelope and all the goodies to stick on and assemble, a beautiful card at the drop of a hat, or tweak it to your own taste and let us know what you come up with! Oo I do love paper :)
Just one last thing: My piccies that I took on my trip to Ambleside...

And then this is the same photo, but next day - when I walked back the same route next day, t'was all foggy!

Very Wuthering Heights...

And this is Lake Windermere next day, foggy and misty, the hills on the other side of the Lake were no longer visible...

I was so busy watching another photographer, who was stood at the end of a jetty with his tripod, that I didn't realise all the ducks had left the water and gathered around me...I've never been surrouned by so many ducks, and one lady duck decided to try and sit on my boot...

Took my photos and then quickly walked off, eventually making a run for it, because two geese left the water and then started running after me!

Tiny tiny house in Ambleside. It's perched on a bridge, soo cute.
Thanks for looking, happy crafting x


  1. Very wuthering heights indeed.
    I wish I could come to the open evening but can't make it (would love to come to a crop though), Hope you all have a fab night.

  2. thanks so much for your sweet comment...I will definitely check out your blog more often

  3. Hey thank you both for looking! And Claireliz: sorry you can't come to open evening, but we do have crops, although ours are 'Crafty Gatherings' - they're for all craftiness, last time we had a mix of card-makers, knitters and crocheters, if it's crafty, it's allowed :)
    x x

  4. well hey you we were up in ambleside
    weekend of the 13th . went out on the boat and took some pics too was just just gonna put them om my blog
    really like the new look to your blog and will be in to see all your goodies really soon.

  5. Hey thank you Yvonne, and yeah t'would be good to see piccies, especially from perspective of a boat! Sat on a bench next to the jetty was the nearest I got to the water (before being harrassed by an army of ducks).
    See you soon hopefully