Sunday, 21 February 2010

Blog redecorating, and a pinch of journalling

Finally, I've redecorated the blog: I've had a half-drawn design on my desk for weeks, and now t'is the new blog title. It's a bit unusual, but that was the plan: I love art and craft blogs, whehter they belong to shops or individuals, scrapbookers or knitters, they tend to look creative, with interesting photo titles. I wanted this to be the same, and wanted to get around the fact that I'm not a dab hand at computer graphics. What I have in mind and what ends up on the screen after much scanning and camerawork is always different!
Anyhow, the blog needed 'a lick of paint'. Hope you like :)
I've also been setting to on my journal, a visual one. The aim was to journal in it often...that's a work in progress! At the beginning of the empty exercise book I bought, it says 'At this moment am I drawing to remember or to erase...' Very apt! It is a lesson: when I look at it, I remember to go put my rubber away, and actually make some art, and stop being a perfectionist.

First page: A night out. Thank you to the participants of the photo (I couldn't make the page without you lol!) And thank you to Sylvia for giving me lots of paper chandeliers, they're fab!
Been keeping them aside until the right, elegant idea came along. Here goes:

It's also supposed to have black bows and little black paper butterflies on it (the remnants of the Martha Stewart butterflies border punch), but I can't find them! Probably because they're so small, or maybe they've flown away!

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