Sunday, 8 November 2009

Prompt #21 Negative Space

A tad last minute, but here is my entry for Creative Type's current prompt, Number 21: Negative Space. Mine is entitled 'Time to Detox', and is within my little 7 and half inch square journal. How it got to be 7 and half and not 8 inches, I'm still not so sure. Anyways, the photos (one main one, one on a tag which you pull out from under the main one) are of me, falling asleep on arty, crafty work. At the moment my health isn't quite up to normal levels, I keep feeling drowsy and tired in the day. So this week I decided twas 'Time to Detox', and so am eating more rabbity (green veg and berries) and doing lots of stuff so I can actually get to sleep early. It's slowly working, and I've not fallen asleep at work, yay!
Normally the negative space is filled with writing on my layouts, then I get annoyed that my writing doesn't look pretty and match the pretty paper. So this time, I left the outside blank and hid the writing on the tag that pulls out :) Thanks for reading! Now, off to attempt to knit....

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  1. Hi there thanks for your comment on my blog much appreciated. have enjoyed seeing what you have been up to again. This is a really pretty layout and I like the way you have included the journaling.The fashion ladies paper on my blog was from graphic forty five {glad rags. i still have this to do.