Thursday, 5 November 2009

Fifth of November

It's such a shame that over the last few days there's been virtually no fireworks to be heard! Maybe it's because of the naff weather, maybe there's going to be loads of displays at the weekend. I hope so. All week I have spent journeys to and from work splashing in big puddles (or being splashed, o car-drivers aren't you lovely?!). But today was the icing on the cake: the clouds just couldn't keep themselves to themselves and they let rip on the way to work. Enter shop, a drowned rat. And so many people have visited our shop this week despite the weather - I admire you all, as it feels like the sort of weather you'd rather avoid and stay by the fire!

Anyway, thank you for braving the weather, and here's some more piccies of pumpkins - thank you cousin Ryan, and Jordan, for sending them,they're fab! The first two are their masterpieces from this year's Halloween and the two after are last year's pieces de resistances. I know that pumpkins aren't crafty, and this is a crafty blog, but, well, they're creative, and that's what crafters are :)

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