Sunday, 27 April 2014

Anyone For Coffee and Cream?

Afternoon ladies on this sunny (now and then) day!

At least is isn't raining as everyone keeps reminding me...
I'm all ready for the June class and we haven't even seen April out yet. Getting ahead of myself with the samples and the packs.

Saturday June 8th is the Coffee and Cream class with the said colours.
I have acquired a couple of stamps appropriately with coffee in mind as one does...acquire stamps that is..
To add to my not so small collection...but hey... great hobby!!!!

First the stash as usual:-

                             Hessian ribbon, coffee coloured roses and dotted papers.

                                First sneak peek with the House Mouse.......
                                             Is it a flower?

                                              Final sneak peek!!!!

                       Time for a cup of coffee with friends........and some colouring in.

       Hope you like the samples, off to have a cup of coffee too and sign off for today.

Will be back shortly with the samples for the two home classes:-
They are Sat. May 24th and
              Sun. May 25th
Let me know if you would like to come along.
Take care till next time.
Jennifer x

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