Friday, 8 February 2013

Are we half way through Winter?

Thank goodness for that!

 Hope you are all well and surviving the wintry weather, although today looks extremely nice with the sun shining. Keep your fingers crossed that the weather stays like this right through February..... and we don't get any more snow, which incidentally is forecast for this weekend. Good excuse (although don't really need one) to stay indoors and craft and get in front with projects and cards ready for when we need them.
February, March and April, especially, are busy months for birthdays, anniversaries etc. I need to get ahead of myself for a change. When I make the samples up for the classes I should make more than one of the cards so as I am organised with up and coming birthdays. Also got an engagement card and wedding card to make so I should get a move on......

I mentioned to the ladies on the Hearts and Lace class that I used a nice heart card from Marks and Spencers gingerbread cookies, as seen below. I bought a few I may add as they were rather good and saved the card behind them, some were pink with the small hearts and another one I bought was read..

Us crafters will save and use anything as you will all know, ribbon buttons etc. We are always looking for freebies!!!!

Great for punching or die cutting shapes out of....

My excuse was that Leanne and I had to eat a few of the biscuits in order to have enough card to punch out hearts for all the bags.......
                                                  March onwards......

For those of you on the March class. "Blooming Good" here are a few of the samples I have made up to now..

I have used a number of flower stamps and bright colours too! Starting off with Ranger Mustard Seed Distress ink for this card. Everybody can have a go at stamping the background to the far right of the card
with a smaller daisy-like stamp. I have put a Mother's Day greeting on, but I will bring along other greetings if you want it as a birthday or an Easter card etc....

As with the last card there is a little cutting out, it wouldn't be a Jennifer's class if there wasn't any cutting to be done, this card of an Agapanthus is coloured in with Promarkers, Azure blue to be exact.

Thirdly, not quite put all the card together yet and where to put the ribbon, but you can tell that they are Tulips, one of my favourite flowers that are out now as cut flowers and always fine a place in my house.

I found a nice Magenta paper that goes really well with these Tulips.

Thought you might like an update on Charlie too, helping as usual, in the craft room while I was die cutting circles, he kept trying to get hold of them every time I put one down.

I had to hide them and eventually he sat down, in the wrong place though as usual. What would I do without him?

My next dates are 6th April  Mens themed of which one of my ladies suggested" Time for the Boys", which fits very nicely.
I have more dates  April 27th,  May 11th and June 8th of which have to be confirmed so I will get back to you on that.
Going to sneak off now with sister to a coffee house for a natter.

 Thankyou to everybody who supports me and keeps me busy and sane.
Till next time.
Take care,
Jennifer x

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