Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Craftybird is back and blogging :)

I am ashamed. I have not blogged for...three, yes three months. Serious bloggage is required, as lots of things have happened.
So, what has happened in three months...
August was the last full month in our beloved shop, Crafty Hearts. Our last classes were of the Christmas variety (you know how it is with crafters; Christmas in August, etc), and we were madly repricing stock and everybody thankfully popped in for tea and a chat before we closed on Friday 3rd September. Then chaos began, as I (Craftybird, the sidekick in the Crafty Hearts duo) relocated to London in the third week of September, while also we were having to remove everything from our shop into our house.
So, my room was summer-cleaned, and I quietly packed my mountains of stuff and put the boxes in the other room...and then got home one day to discover these boxes had been put back into my room, because the spare room was needed for several big shop items! My room was short of space before the towels, new books and wok. I'd like to point out here that the spare room is no longer spare, it has been sneakily made into a craft room!
The Crafty Hearts duo are now 'on the road': my mum (Jennifer) is on the road in a sense that she is continuing teaching craft workshops, but in different premises. An adventure :) And I am literally sometimes on the road: I am studying in London, and have popped back to the good old North this week :)
I planned to start blogging the moment I got to London, but didn't realise how chaotic it would be! It's a bit of a distracting place :D I'm only just starting to get a routine, where I can have a time of the day where I sit and blog, or do a bit of email chatting (or ring the mother - that requires a good hour of course).
I haven't popped any photos of the Christmas class that Jennifer taught in the middle of October, and is repeating this Saturday, because it sold out straight away! It was a case of people telling us to put them down on the next class she was doing - even though she hadn't yet designed it! Thank ye all for the faith :)
Now, we are planning a class at the very beginning of January, and I will post on here the date and the samples as soon as they are available. The plan is for it to be a bird, owl, leaves and trees vibe, as we didn't get chance to do an autumnal class, and those sort of colours might brighten up a chilly January day. And I will blog about mine and chief crafter's travels until then :)
I'll be back soon for a natter,


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  2. Lovely to catch up on your goings on it all sounds hectic but exciting at the same time.
    Thanks so much for running such a great shop it really inspired me on many visits .

  3. Ahh there you are, I was wondering when you'd be back online. Hows Uni going? I miss the shop, I haven't found a local crop yet & I'm lonely. Let me know if you plan on doing any scrapping/altered art classes (infact, just put my name down :D)
    Take care & come back Ooop North more often, we don't want you getting a southern accent do we LOL