Friday, 11 September 2009


First things first (and second things second):
Last night was our open evening here at Crafty Hearts in Preston and we just wanted to say a BIG thank you to everyone who came: thank you for all of your support, twas much appreciated and the night went really well, it put big smiles on our faces :D
I've realised that I have not added a post for over a month, how depressing - I did try a couple of times to add one, but the useful post icons like 'add image' disappear from time to time, so i had to wait. But no excuses after that: I need to blog more! To be honest, August was very unorganised for me, I normally journal (in a minibook) about my days, and I haven't managed that either. And so many images to add on here, and things to mention! My autumn resolution: learn how to be organised.
This week we have been so occupied with getting the shop ready for open evening (a lot of moving stock around - now I haven't a clue where anything is, even though I helped move it), that I didn't really get chance to look at all our new products properly. So today I did: and there's quite a few items I realllly want! A disadvantage of assisting running a craft shop, there's so many items to tempt....
Thank you again to everybody!
x x

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