Thursday, 23 April 2009

New Scrapbook

I'm new to scrapbooking - I have always done visual journals and mini books (I suppose you could call them scrapbooks) before now. I have had a 12x12 K&Co Life's Journey Scrapbook sat on a shelf for several years, and being at the shop has inspired me to use it. This is my first page (it's a scrapbook about friends)....
I've told a few people in the shop about it, because they mentioned their difficulties with how to get lots of photos onto one page and still have room for all the 'goodies'. I took from our shop a piece of Bazzill Basics Wildberry Scalloped Square to use as my inspiration. Cut it into quarters, and use 2 of the quarters as flaps. Use thin rectangles, scored down the middle, as hinges. Add one flap, with the hinge to the left, and another flap on top, with the hinge at the top. Hopefully the photos make sense of it all:

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